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    A remote trader friend of mine proposed to me a new opportunity. he wants or we want to start a think tank for a group of experienced traders to meet on a daily basis initially through a chat room then if this is beneficial to all involved move to a VOIP. We basically believe that the more experienced eyes the better. We have both traded at big prop shops he traded at a fund, and we both agree that the big advantage is more eyes, and a groupthink mentality. If you're experienced and interested in joining this Private Group PM me or post. Were are not looking to educate new traders, but possibly in the future. We actively trade, Crude,all Equities, ETF's, Nas mini, SP mini.
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    This would be just the reverse of what i observed over the weekend where some moderator is allowing Jack Hershey (the "SPRUCE GOOSE" of the trading world) to post and all those that know different CENSURED from posting.

    I would welcome a room without a bunch of flakes and do agree "the more the merrier" as long as all the guys/gals were not raw meat for fraudsters.

    Gotta admit though, this would be a hard nut to crack. Good Luck, back to baseball,. The SOX are in a tough division as Ozzie says, BUT i want a cross town World Series with the SOX and the Cubbies. :)
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    I have heard the name over and over jack hershey, don't know much about it. Just know that you can cover alot more market with more eyes, and different perspectives. We do well together, I have just experienced the freedom of working from home for the past couple years and I would like to get some of the benefits of working with a few people day in and day out to trade these markets.
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    in complete agreement. More eyes regardless of each style can enlighten others as a possible trade, idea, signal etc. Experienced traders are always learning and wide eyed to new tactics.

    Will check back tomorrow and see how this is doing. Great idea.
  5. Let me know if this idea gets off the ground. Sounds interesting. Good idea to pool resources together.
  6. There are lots and lots of FREE chat rooms online via IRC in the Othernet or Financial chat servers where traders discuss the markets and post their trades realtime.

    Thus, wouldn't it be easier for you to go to these free chat rooms and lurk (just watch but not say anything) to see whom are posting consistent profitable trades along with providing useful market commentary for you to zone in on specific traders to invite to your new group you are trying to form ???

    My point is that you would want traders that's already doing such because posting commentary or realtime trades to help one another during trading conditions is a tough task for most.

    In fact, most can't do that because its a big distraction from their trading.

    Therefore, you would want those that's already doing it or have experience sort'uv speak in which a private chat room wouldn't be a distraction from their trading in comparison to someone that's completely new to such that most likely will find it a distraction once they start doing it.

  7. I doubt this idea will work. I have tried this in the past. A group of 5-10 great traders got together and what prevailed was EGO on who's the best. The best trades were never mentioned in the room. And if it was mentioned, it was already too late to enter. The only way this would work is if the person calling the trade or the ideas is being compensated. Even then, it's very difficult to find a honest trading room. There are a couple out there that I use day in and day out which are pretty good and consistent with their trading ideas and calls. And yes, overall, many eyes do add to profitability, but the eyes do their work only if they are compensated. Just speaking from experience..
  8. I think its a great idea.

    I have calling out a lot of my trades and ideas right here in the ET chat hoping that the room would develop further into the resource that it is.

    We have some really good Forex traders, a professional bond trader, stocks and more.

    I would be interested in expanding that room with more talent or joining another room
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    If you are just looking for callouts that's not what we're trying to accomplish here. This will be a private group, more or less a think tank for trading ideas. Not callouts with all of us trying to pound one stock. It may not work for you, but I believe the right mix of people, and a few ground rules it can be beneficial for all involved. EGO's will be taken behind the woodshed. There's no room for that shit in trading anyway.
  10. people that make money.... i mean big money.... they wont say shit, if they do it wont be nothing you havent already heard.

    trust me on this
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