Vested interests in Crime in the Black culture in the US

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    Crime is just fascinating, we watch movies about criminals all the time, and it makes for some incredible drama. My question is why does it go on? Do some people want it that way?

    If you want to screw up a culture just destroy the relation between the police and the people in the culture. The criminals will take care of the rest. In the case of black neighborhoods the relations probably were bad with all the racist cops anyhow so all you have to do if you are a politician with a vested interest in the status quo among the black voters is keep the relations bad. I think that has gone on for decades now.

    I never understood all this until I watched a few people in my own community get rid of crime!! We had an influx of gang guys from LA and crime became an everyday thing, I mean it was the normal thing, home invasions, car theft, shooting, etc.. they seemed like real amateurs actually, I guess they could pull some really dumb stuff off where they came from. Some community organizers went door to door and asked the residents to identify problem people on their block. That info was all turned over to the police. The police worked up a lot of volunteers to just watch all these houses and they harassed the living shit out of all the criminals every Friday and Saturday night, it was fun to watch really, and the police were into it in a big way, they actually had the backing of the community and they felt good about it. Eventually they would bust a drug dealer's house and then they went through all the records of who came and went and they could bust them for association with a known criminal or the like. It took a couple months to completely rid the community of crime!! Two frigging months, maybe it was three, I don't recall, and we had polite drivers again and no crime. There definitely is a correlation between criminals and shitty driving, I never thought of that before I observed all this either but nowadays, I see a driver making minor infractions I see a connection to bigger things.

    All a community needs is the political will. Now then, who would have objected if they knew what my town was doing? The ACLU, Democrats, Civil Rights attorneys, etc., my god, people spying on people, how atrocious and policemen harassing and arresting criminals, it's not right!! They want the Black community for revolutionaries in the case of the ACLU and voters in the case of the Democrats and fat wallets in the case of the attorneys, just like the slave traders wanted them in Africa for big bucks.

    There was a black gang that hooked up with the Red Chinese once and were distributing AK's all over California and maybe the entire west, brand new and cheap, right off the ship. That is where the far left and the Black culture intersect, pretty scary.

    Right now the Black community's biggest fear is their own children/grand children. What are the chances of that changing if the Black community bitches about every arrest that doesn't go well and bitches about the ones that do go well too?? What a frigging joke, I can't wait for them to wake up and smell the coffee but I don't think it is going to happen in this lifetime. Hillary/Nancy will be spending money on "programs", all designed to go nowhere, just like the last few decades.
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    Divide and Conquer.

    The Black Crime problem is just one tile in the larger mosaic.

    Yes, the powers-that-be want our attention on everything EXCEPT that which matters -- our vanishing liberties and economic freedom.

    How else could they RAPE the serfs whom technically own the keys to the nation???

  3. "Black community bitches about every arrest that doesn't go well and bitches about the ones that do go well too??"

    The black community needs to speak up about the crime and who is commiting the crime rather than how well the arrests went. That is the elephant in the room.
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  5. Then the white male mostly konservative republiklan ET community comes here and bitches...

    So the cycle of hate continues...

  6. ?Then the white male mostly konservative republiklan ET community comes here and bitches..."


    "So the cycle of hate continues..."

    Perfect answer. Your right. Case closed. Game over. When the media sticks the microphone in Al's face I'll applaud. No more thinking "Is this the most intelligent spokesman the media can find?"