Very well done, Interactive Brokers !

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  1. Everybody can complain, but nobody seems to give credit, where it is due:

    IB was (is) rock solid for me during the recent market turmoil.

    Both market data and trading did not suffer from complications, except one or two "could not value contract at this time", which I know well from past years.

    I see the situation has much improved, compared to past volume spikes.
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    (I'm sorry, but IB complimentary threads are absolutely not allowed here.):p
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    IB's the best.
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    The best my ass.

    I've been trading with IB for over a month.

    This morning (6.20am) I had an execution go from out of nowhere. My computer wasn't even on (I was set up to go to work). Nothing margin related, as I had only 2 ES contracts on 20K+.

    Now this evening I had a limit order set up, and *joy* 1 minute later it triggered when the ES was 5 points away from my target.

    Both cases resulted in minor losses (roughly 100 bucks each), but WTH is up with their system??

    Now I'm affraid to even set up orders...
  5. there was a problem with Island being unaccessible in the middle of the day due to "problems at the exchange" i imagine. not sure how much blame should be put on IB.

    i had GTT (good-till-time) orders routed to island when island went down. as it turns out one order got executed but the shares appeared in my account only AFTER the market closed.

    Does anybody know where GTT is controlled from (in this case Island or IB)? I see it as a huge problem if IB could lose connection to the exchange and no longer could control GTT or OCA orders.
  6. I experienced NUMEROUS failures of stop market orders to execute using booktrader today.
  7. Lots of reasons why IB lost my account. They ran out of second chances.
  8. I'm having no problems with IB whatsoever. Haven't had any for quite a while. And, just think, your money is safe.

  9. IB ROCKS!! :)
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