Very unusual trading in the Dax early on

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by trader151, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Very unusual trading in the Dax early on. Volume running at 3 t0 4 times the avergae run rate for the first hour.
  2. bolter


    What the hell was that? It went nuts - especially around 9:35.

  3. toshiba


    Yep, DAX was like a real crazy horse today.
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  4. KS96


    smells like volatility is coming back
  5. i heard someone screwed up thought they were on the simulator.

    Seen that a number of times before, and kind of rings bells with regard to the other times it happened. I remember one time back in 1999, when someone was showing 9999 bid and offered in the bund, in those days bunds were a lot thinner.
  6. toshiba


    I would like to see the volatility of 1999-2002. At the time I have not traded yet.
  7. rosy2


    anyone know what happened? its been happening over the past few days, right