Very strange trading firm in NYC

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  1. I went to a new firm on friday and the address took me to a pizzeria. i walked in and in the back room were a few guys and a bunch of computers. i got a bit nervous about giving them a deposit but i have to admit,the pizza was delicious. from what i heard,the pizza was horrible at the end of the day,the pzza guy was short the markat and took a big hit at the close. did i over react,should i give this pizzeria/LLC a chance?
  2. i decided to go back and they took me in the basement of the pizzeria and asked me some questions. they asked if both my parents were italian and i said yes. they asked if i would put the firm before anyone else and i said yes. they then wanted to know what i would do if the firm asked me to kill for them and i said i would do as i was told. they then wanted to know if i bought a stock and it dropped,if i would pay a visit to the ceo of that company's house and convince him that it would be in his best interest to immediately raise guidence and announce an unprecedented buy back; i said yes. they then pricked my finger and dripped my blood on the card of a saint and then burned the saint's card. not only do i have 100-1 buying power,but i now control the local 197 contractor's union.
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    You say they're in NYC. Are they offering a salary? I can only put down a small deposit but I need a salary.
  4. Can a mod move this to chit chat?
  5. can a mod inform "cocaine' that members of my pizzeria firm may use his eye balls as a pizza topping.
  6. Besides the fact that this clearly belongs in chit chat, its really not even humorous at all. At least be funny if you are going to make stuff up.

  7. i have a hard time listening to a guy that call's hinself "cocaine'. you better come to the pizzeria,we need to talk. bring lots of money.
  8. Guess you arent familiar with Eric Clapton, thats a shame.

  9. i know who eric clapton is but i also know what cocaine is and how it canruin someone. for you to flaunt the use of cocaine is really irresponsible. how much do you snort a day? a gram,2 grams? whatever the amount,its too much. every once and a while is fine but not everyday. you are probably a nice guy but you need to slow down,it can also cause damage to your nose and affect breathing not to mention heart attacks.
  10. apparently your brain doesnt have the capacity to take a clue like "Eric Clapton" and my handle "Cocaine" and put two and two together.

    Why dont you go on youtube and figure it out!
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