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  1. not a big deal, but...

    how about removing that ANNOYING "limitation on use" thing that pops up EVERY TIME (each run) i click on the data manager????

    can't i just agree to it once somewhere and never see that thing again??

    do it now, thanks. :)
  2. jem


    yes good point, but I have trained myself to just never look at data manager anymore. However, if you do have to monitor it that warning should go.
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    My understanding of this is that this is a protective measure from a legal standpoint to be another way to limit our liability. As Jem mentioned, the best way to get rid of this is to not bring it up at all. Under normal use of eSignal, there isn't any need to access this. In fact, I prefer to keep it off my task bar by unchecking this feature.

  4. actually, i have that unchecked, too, but when i want to close esignal, i have to close 2 things: the charting program and the data manager. when i go to close the data manager, that thing always pops up.
  5. It's simple guys, their legal department is concerned because the data is so poor that a lot of people are complaining. It's one thing to accidentally report a bad tick or 2. It's entirely something different when huge chunks of data are incorrect and the company has no intent to fix it.
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    When closing eSignal try going to File --> Exit All & Save, which will save your work, close eSignal and the Data Manager, all in one fell swoop. You can also press Ctrl + E as a shortcut for this.
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    Certainly, there has been issues with the data, but it's just false to say that we have no intention on fixing it. I have watched first-hand nearly our entire Engineering and Operations Department work on this almost 24/7 to get a resolution as soon as possible. We just released this announcement giving an ETA of tomorrow morning.

    I can certainly understand your frustration, but let's try to keep the comments constructive.
  8. Jay,

    I'm not talking about the tick server issues. You were kind enough to speak with me on the telephone about this. I told you I appreciated the explanation and I was satisfied.

    The data problem I'm referring to is volume related. I (as well as others) brought this up last September. A very specific promise was made by an Esignal employee. That promise was NEVER followed through on. When I again brought it up just this Monday, that persons response (on this forum) was that they couldn't figure it out so it was dropped. No explanation to the paying customer of any sort. To me, thats ignoring the issue.

    You wonder why I get so upset. It's because you make it EXTREMELY difficult to communicate. Users have to jump through hoops to speak with the correct party. When we use the online chat support, without expception for me, this is what happens: the staff person askes how they can help, I give my question, and they don't have an answer.

    Again, this is not the first time I've brought this up. I've waited 4 months for an answer. FOUR MONTHS! Just exactly what do you feel is reasonable? After 4 months, it seems like you don't have much intent on dealing with the issue. I"m not even asking for a fix anymore, just an understanding of what the data is actually showing. I just want info, and you can't even give me that without me incessantly yelling.

    Eagerly waiting your response, and ready to be constructive. Are you?
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    Just so we're on the same page, I'll restate what I believe to be the issue your talking about.

    1) The futures Daily Volume data is reported one bar off.
    2) The volume differs from the CME's site.

    Regarding #1, this is something we want to change. It's a method we've used for a long time, and stems from the official volume and OI reports coming once a day from the exchanges. I don't have an ETA on when this change will be implemented, but it certainly is something on the list.

    The promise you mention was the promise to look into building an EFS to calculate the correct intraday volume for the ES futures. It was later determined by our EFS Specialist that this cannot currently be done, and Andy passed this message along.

    Regarding #2, Andy is researching this with the CME and our Feed Engineers, and will report back on this thread once an explanation is found.
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    What would be extremely helpful would be another choice on the File menu called "Exit All & NOT Save". Throughout the course of the day I am constantly tinkering with charts, drawing price support/resistance lines, drawing trendlines, temporarily adding indicators to take a look, maybe throwing on a fib or two. And the last thing I want to do is save everything!
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