very Short term price movements

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  1. are very easy to predict using a gaussian ocilator which tracks the Nasdaq. See an uptick that is 3+SD from the mean for the day? when ever this happens the order is automatically executed in one of three stocks that traces the nasdaq. Literally mint money doing this.
  2. you are going to have to do this process A LOT in order to make up for some of the money you threw away in previous threads...
  3. not really actually. This is pure daytrading versus position trading.
  4. Nice bought some goog today using this method at 366...

    What is interesting about the method is that it uses a gaussian distribution which alot of people dismiss because they assume there are no gaussian distribution properties regarding the markets. No need for stupid MACD and BOLIGER bands or that crap. This method so easy and little guesswork.
  5. could you please provide some more detail?