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  1. Hi,

    Anyone read Nicolas Darvas book: "The Darvas System for Over-the-Counter Profits"?
    If anyone owns this out-of-print book I would really get in contact with her/him. For several years I have tried to get a copy of the book; unfortunately without succes. Maybe she/he would send me a photocopy; I will pay the cost of course!

    Title: The Darvas System for Over-the-Counter Profits
    Autor: Nicolas Darvas
    Pages: 144
    Year: 1971
    Published by: Lyle Stuart, New York
    ISBN: 0818400269
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  3. Thanks, dloomis514!

    I have seen that offer at eBay some time ago. But the price is a "little" to high.
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    I also saw something in a booksore for 935, so maybe the price is a little low :)
  5. Back in 1971 the original price for the book was $5.95
    I would be satisfied if someone could send me a photocopy.
  6. Go to They have almost everything. There is another excellent online rare books dealer. I forget what they are called.
  7. i have an original. Try a search for stock market collectibles. I got mine in Vermont maybe 15 years ago. They are rare.

    The 71 edition is also out of print. It was Crown publishers, if I remember correctly.
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  9. flytiger,

    Can I get in contact with you. Please email me!
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