Very pleased with Open-E-Cry and Esignal

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    If you are like me, I hated to have to pay Esignal for real time equities data in order to add real time futures data for an additional charge.

    Esignal has Advance Get Charts for $50 per month (with Esignal data) or for $30 per month (with Esgnal historical data) with Open-E-Cry intra day data. It may work with other brokers as well.

    I want to thank Justin, at Open-E-Cry and Johnathan at Esignal for helping me get set up. If you are interested you will have to call Johnatan at Esignal (1-312-977--1036) because the other folks at Esignal won't know anything about it.

    Advanced Get Link:

    This may not be news to some of you, just though I would pass it along.
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    do you trade e-mini sp with open e cry , and what do you pay for the commissions ?

  3. not sure I understand. Do you have to pay for eSignal EOD data on top of the $29 a month fo Advanced GET charts?
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    interesting, never heard Esignal mention it
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    I trade the e-minis and the comm. is $2.25 per side.
  6. I think it's what used to be Tahoe charts
    the eSignal offering is pretty confusing , Advanced GET charts, studies, real time, eSignal EOD etc.
    not sure if you have to buy EOD data from them aswell. And the Live Help is unbelievably rude
  7. Are you making money?
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    I think EOD is less than $29 a month. I think it is $19 a month with eSignal data.

    I only pay $29 a month (real time) with Open-E-Cry Data and that is it.

    You don't get Advanced Charting or anything like that.

    One think I don't like is I can't display just market hours data. It mess' up your indicators. But if you trade only price/volume anyway, it isn't a real problem.

  9. I understand the EOD data comes from eSignal anyway, for the data to update in real time you connect to your broker data feed . Can you display intraday data for several days in 60 minutes intervals and multiples thereof with moving averages ?
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    I know it is really confussing. Advance Get is an expensive add on to Esignal Advanced Charting. And now they call this Advanced Get Charts. And if you talk to someone is sales they will think your crazy.

    If you want any information you will have to talk to Johnathan at Esignal the number I posted above.

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