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Discussion in 'Trading' started by DC33, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. DC33


    Prop trader, Equity trader, day trader, hedge fund trader

    what are the differences? are they pretty much the same in-terms of what they do ?

    I am a prop trader making about $12,000 net per month with about 200 transaction a day? but i only get 40% of that

    any thought on my trading style?

    any suggestions are welcome
  2. You're a Prop Trader making $12K per month and you don't know the differences between those terms :confused:

  3. DC33


    i know what a prop trader is

    but dont really understand the difference between a prop trader and hedge fund trader or other types of trader

    i trade the the Q's, INTC, MSFT alot
    but hedge fund trader also trade the Q's

    please explain if there are major differences between them

  4. Hey you need to get them to up your percentage. Most Props I know keep 90%.
  5. DC33


    r u serious...
    but i dont put out a penny

    when i lose $1000 a day i dont pay for it .....
    when my month ends negative i dont pay for it either?

    is it the same type of deal in the US....
    i am in Canada where prop/day trading is not as huge as in the US
  6. Do the math, if you are consistant, then you can find many firms that will let you trade. They might ask you to put up a deposit, but it would be worth it. Most prop firms make money on the commissions you generate.
  7. DC33


    how much do i have to put up to get into these prop firms

    and what will my buying power be like? is it just the amount i put up or do i get more

    so if i do get a negative month i will have to pay for it right? that sounds like client trader more then prop trader to me

    what do u mean by prop compnay make money on the commission i generate?