very interesting news today

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  1. Look at the lead story in the Jerusalem Post today.

    'Bush intends to attack Iran before the end of his term'
    Report: Officials say Bush, Cheney wish to launch military op in the coming months but are being held back by "hesitancy of Gates and Rice."

  2. Bush thinks god talks to him but it's really Cheney who's set up a little speaker in the back of Bush's chair. :D
  3. Doesnt it strike you as interesting that this titbit of news is released by the JP and ignored by the US dailies.

  4. It's interesting that the Israeli news is more honest than the US propaganda machine.

    But honestly didn't we all know Bush was going to try this before he gets booted. I'm still wondering if he will ever leave or just start WWIII and declare martial law.
  5. Maybe because speculation and innuendo on the part of an Israeli tabloid isn't seen as fit to print in the United States? Hmm, gee, maybe that's it?
  6. Interesting comment bc.

    Every morning I scroll through a number of major english dailies from around the world, leaving the US to last.

    I suggest that people try it and see what they come up with.

    Select you own dailies and countries and just try it for a few days.

  7. maxpi


    You are suffering from Bush disorder. It's a new classification of psychiatric disorder now recognized by the medical professionals and insurance companies. Walk into any psychologists office and tell them that Nancy Pelosi has fixed it up so they will be paid for your treatment and you'll be fine after awhile......

  8. Which major english dailies?
  9. Precisely why I wrote
    "Select you own dailies and countries and just try it for a few days."

    Incidentally I subscribe to nothing.
    Good news is free ... it is peoples opinions that can cost money and I am more than capable of piecing good news together and draw a conclusion,

  10. Let's suppose this is true......

    As traders we have to ask, "How can we profit from this?"

    I don't mean to sound cold, but if "they" are going to do it anyway.......

    Any thoughts?
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