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  1. He was on 60 minutes about 6 months ago. My only relief is to know my current FICA goes to supporting ppl. I love since I know it will be bankrupt by the time I need it.
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    $180B odd of budget deficit annually is very much controlable even without raising taxes. There are lots of white elephant projects that can be curtailed without much hoopla.
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    Ravi Batra predicted fall of communism in 1980s and fall of Capitalism by 2010. Free Market Socialism is the way to go?
  5. It's in the trillions. Do you have ADD?
  6. I cant wait for the day SS benefits exceeds SS revenue. Lmao tring to exchange trust fund bonds for economic benefit let alone fiat currency.
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    'It's in the trillions. Do you have ADD?'

    you are confusing between DEBT and Budget Deficit. Total Debt is around $9T but actual government budget deficit is in 100s of Billions - annually.
  8. The budget defict in reality is close to a trillion a year. This is because the government does not follow GAAP. If they wanted too, they could show a surplus. Problem is not even your pea-brain would buy the number. However 100 billion or so annual defict gets bites.
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    Hey hydro, speaking of Ron Paul. How did you like that debate tonight? Ron Paul was on FIRE
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