Very interesting chart from the St. Louis Fed

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    I'm also highly impressed on the explanation of the data:

    Please note breaks in data: Data prior to 2003-01-01 include adjustment, extended, and seasonal credit. Data from 2003-01-01 to 2007-11-01 include primary, secondary, and seasonal credit. Data from 2007-12-01 to 2008-02-01 include primary, secondary, seasonal, and term auction credit. Data from 2008-03-01 forward include primary, secondary, seasonal credit, primary dealer credit facility, other credit extensions, and term auction credit.
  2. That second graph is scary. It makes the statements back in March by the Lehmans and Merrils of this world seem hilarious, when they denied going to the FED for money.

    So what are the implications of this for the future? What does it really all mean in real economic terms?
  3. It means the world has 8 days left to exist.
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    probably just a reflection of the fed's new liquidity facilities and lower discount window rate
  5. The chart is unreal, like we've never had a recession before..
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  7. Other fun data points.

    Total public debt outstanding on Sept. 29: $9.9B

    Total public debt outstanding as of Friday: $10.3B

    The debt ceiling was just raised to $11.3B - at this rate it will be hit in under six weeks - unless something changes.
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