Very disappointed with Israel- Israeli planes carrying crowd dispersal weapons to Egy

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  1. As a Jew myself I am very disappointed.

    Israel is clearly supporting stooge Mubarak over the will of Egyptian people to have new and possibly democratic leadership.

    Israel is kind of like a troubled drug addicted son.

    You looked the other way when he stole your money to buy drugs.

    You looked the other way when he landed in Jail. You bailed him out.

    Now he stole your TV and sold it for drug money.

    How long are we going to overlook our bellowed Israel. Israel is going down the wrong path. I am very sad.
  2. We have to be clear here Yonatan. America only supports "freedom" when it suits American interests. In other words, America will support despotism, genocide, torture and massacre when it is in our interest to do so.
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    Tsing Tao

    like this is any different than most of the world.

    lay everything at america's feet.
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    The difference is America's righteousness rhetoric. Besides, we want all the credit when we're talking about who does good for the world. (I'm not saying we don't do good.)
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    The anti-semites slither out from under their rocks and fallen trees encouraged by the chief anti-semite Barrack Obama. You salivate at the idea of the potential destruction of Israel. Sad creatures indeed.
  6. Hello Johnathan,

    At first I wanted to respond something very agressive to Alientrader... However after reading again and again what he said and particularly the second part I can only tell you a personal story:

    Last year, my Olive tree, gave ?me? for the first time an olive. I wanted to plant it in Isreal, particularly on the Month of Olive... Furthermore it would have been a great opportunity for me to go back there...

    However, as the situation wasn't as I envisonned, I didn't go. Sadly with the coming of the summer my little Olive tried up. I was forced to throw her away... Because during all the time I had hope that I could return. Alas... stupidity of Men has clearly no limit.

    This year I have 11 Olives (I just checked)... And they are maturing fast...

    So in my dream I hope to be able to plant 8 of them in Jericho and 3 on the Mount of Olive. Will it be possible ? I don't know. As last year I will no compromise. I go there as I entend or NOT at all. And with all the problems...

    The time will come to be proud of Israel, what it stands for and more importantly how it defends it... just have to be patient and remember that everyone can be Jewish, you only need a Mother... only few will be Hebrews. And that my friend, is only by choice and the only right path.


    ( view from Mount of Olives.jpg)

    P.S. I just saw the word of 377... He is closer to the edge as he can realise... However I don't care, I am more in pain by the death of my Olive that what ever could arrive to such a SS. (btw what means OHMS ? ).
  7. I don't see why Israel shipping crowd dispersal "weapons" to Egypt is a bad thing. Every country needs some form of crowd dispersal to control chaos. It is up to Egypt to decide if/how to use these tools.
  8. Why kazz ?


    I did search on google image : IBM NAZI

  9. LMAO, if this isn't the most obvious sock puppet dialog I've ever seen...

  10. As a Jew myself I am very disappointed.
    bullshit nazi boy, you are not fooling anyone.

    Israel is clearly supporting stooge Mubarak over the will of Egyptian people to have new and possibly democratic leadership.
    Hmm, why would Israel support stooge Mubarak? Could that possibly have anything to do with the fact that the will of the arab/muslim people has so far manifested itself in electing Hamas, Hezbollah, Ahmadinejad, Taliban... Yeah, why indeed would not Israel support the arab street, why aren't they doing their best to help Muslim Brotherhood come to power in Egypt.

    PS never mind that the report posted on some bogus website about Israel's shipment has not been corroborated by any reputable independent source. Israel did send planes... to evacutate its citizens vacationing in Egypt, everything else is pure speculation although personally I hope Israel is indeed doing whatever little it can to keep the devil we know in power in Egypt. My trust in the arab street's ability to make the right choice is way below zero.
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