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Discussion in 'Trading' started by drukes1234, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. Hajimow, please read my post again, and again, and again, I said I was a swing trader from the beginning, I never changed my stance. I am very bullish for a swing trade, and maybe if you read my initial post 500 times you'll get a hold of yourself and understand what is being said.
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  2. hajimow


    That was my point. Bullish plus swing trader means bullish for only a short period of time. Maybe you were right and I did not understand you. When someone says I am bullish, I just automatically think that he should be buying and holding for a long time. That is what a swing trader does not do.
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  3. TGregg


    As a general rule, a new thread with this lead sentence on EliteTrader is a bearish sign. But who knows for sure, not me.
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  4. Original poster, why won't you answer this question that has been posed numerous times?
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  5. He is bullish due to the bullish hammer from yesterdays es daily chart------------ lol :D
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  6. One thing is for sure, if the market is up one month from now the OP will come back and post "I told you so". If the prediction turns out to be wrong this thread will just be forgotten.

    Posting a prediction like this without any justification behind it is pointless.
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  7. Hold me accountable to my call... I'm not going to brag if I'm right and I'm not going to go hide if I'm wrong. I have my money where my mouth is and if I'm right then I'm right and I'm sure I'll make a call in the future where I am wrong and you can jump all over me.
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  8. If you're not willing to back up your call with the reasons for it then what is the point of creating a thread like this? You have given no reasons, no target, no timeframe other than a vague "swing trade". All in all a pretty pointless post.
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  9. Then don't read it
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  10. Very mature response - I think instead of letting you dictate what I do or don't do I will continue to point out what a non-call this "call" is. Deal with it.
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