Very Bullish reversal is just happening

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hajimow, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. S2007S


    QE will not turn anything around, its time for many people to understand that QE only creates a wealth effect and nothing more. QE1 and QE2 did nothing but create inflation and artificially prop up equity markets around the globe.
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  2. will848


    It was obviously a squeeze today after weeks of heavy selling. Bear market never left. Notice after hours did not remotely continue the "rally". Only a few bulls coming out thinking it's turned around.
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    So tonight its a 100% guarantee that asia rallies and its a 99.8% chance European markets rally tomorrow morning pushing the US markets tomorrow into rally mode again!
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  4. I still don't get it... How is today's Fed announcement bullish? If everything stays the same in light of downgrade, why would the market continue to go up?
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  5. hajimow


    Market is down 20% because of everything. What do you expect? That market to go down another 50%? Like 5% every day for the next 10 days? Did you see anything bad in AAPL or GOOG or IINTC Q report? Did they give any gloomy outlook?
    You should have a brake in your mindset and reverse. I did not say DOW will go to 20000 from now. I say DOW will not hit 10000 in the next two months even if MOODY downgrades or... Unless a catastrophic thing happens, we will go up 10% in the next two months and then from there if you look back, market would still be down 10% from two weeks ago high.
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  6. We have a 70% consumer-driven economy. As long as interest rates are not a "tax" on the consumer, and gasoline stays within reasonable limits, the SPX should stay bullish. Last I heard, 75% of corporations meet or beat expectations, even with 9.1% unemployment. Where else would people park their money?

    The Bush tax cuts will expire in 2013, but chances are, we fire the "Debt Man Walking". If the Republicans take the White House in Jan 2013, there won't be tax increases and Obamacare, due to take effect in 2014, will be repealed. [​IMG]
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  7. how nice of you to start the journal with a 15% gain.

    we believe you.
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    I just noticed that VXX (3x volatility ETF) is not available to short in IB (as of today). That is a short term bullish sign in my opinion.
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  9. kms386


    Been sitting on cash in a big way since march.

    Went pretty much all into equities today after fed bs.

    crossing my fingers and not looking at my portfolio for a while, wish me luck.
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