Very Bullish reversal is just happening

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hajimow, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. hajimow


    There was no fear in FOM report and now you answer me:

    What was bearish about unemployement falling from 9.2 to 9.1?
    What was bearish in steller reports from 90% of S&P companies?
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  2. Illum


    Forget announcement, that was bad and they started to sell, I think it coulda gotten ugly, other people here call me a puss, lol. Maybe I am, I don't care. But look at this pattern..

    Look at the 30yr. See that massive buying. Look at the dx

    Beyond the announcement, they came in hard.
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  3. Have you got a chart that graphs the quarterly earnings of the S&P 500 versus the S&P Index ? Might be instructive.

    S%P analysts chose a 1350-1500 yearly close based on earnings.
    Earnings went up. Markets went down. Somethings got to give now. So you can bet on tanking earnings next quarter, or a market rally. I know which one I like.
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  4. 1150 resistance will prove a tough nut to crack. Market tried to overcome it earlier today and failed. Will this try go through?
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  5. Mav88


    lol. I am going to wait for 1400.20 , then we will have a confirmed bottom, then I will be absolutely positive I should have bought it.
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  6. everyone knew this was bullish cept the tards who sold 58 billion worth of stock in the next half hour
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  7. OP good call. you just didn't know it would form a head and shoulders first.

    All the doom and gloom shorters on this forum are hilarious, they don't understand markets at all and that valuations of companies are based off earnings. And oh yeah, they are sitting on record cash. Oh well some will never learn.
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  8. how come its always the new nicks that know it all?
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  9. I started my journal about a month ago and yes, am new to this forum, and find people like you to be rather funny and amusing to watch post.
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  10. will848


    It's not a bull run. Just a little squeeze from the massive selling of the last week or so. If you think this is a reversal, good luck to you.
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