Very Bullish reversal is just happening

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  1. After FOM. Time 2:24.

    Market up and them down and now recovering. Shows the bottom.
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    30+ handle range in minutes, thx but no thx. I'll wait
  3. Unconfirmed sources: Buffet is buying in full force. Maybe he wants to make a point to S&P or he knows something.
  4. Sometimes it is good to wait and sometimes it is not. When in doubt, reduce your size.
  5. That's called mooning.
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    No follow through, forget it
  7. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Is it just me or are these threads really starting to sound desperate? I understand some of you are long and hoping, but really.
  8. From "Market Sub Outlook" Thread ...
    Real time call : Buy TSX Index at 11660.
    Get the picture ?

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    Now we have panic. No one will get long, and still selling, about even now, but could end up worse day out of all.
  10. shmuck?
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