Very bullish buy opp today this morning

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  1. nasdaq down .96 percent on a gap down

    gap dpwns are quite bullish

    now is the time to load up since it rebounded off the support of 2410

    goog, aapl, ma, rimm, gs, tie, chap ect
  2. Quote from Wayne Gibbous:

    Close your lips and buy those dips.
    Then bank those pips!!!

    Long 'em if they sink.
    You'll be rich in a wink!.

    Buy them if they Cramer.
    Don't be such a lamer!

    Grab that slam.
    Don't give a damn!

    Accrue on the Thud.
    You can't be a dud!

    Stocks catch a thwackin'?
    It's gold you'll be rackin'!


  3. nice call bro!!!

    I love 100% up room to go $$
  4. in this market buy ALL the dips especially the big ones

    It is like someone giving you money-yes that easy
  5. Oh YEAAHHHHH!!!! $$$$$

    Buy 'em when they are Rank.

    And take Santa to the BANK!!!

  6. Last week Cramer bashed one of my more speculative plays. Then last night some "analyst" at motley fool joined the Cramer bandwagon and bashed it. Retail flow gapped her down this morning nicely. Let me just say that this situation has enabled me to load up like there is no tomorrow and this play will ultimately send my first born(Mar 4th due date!!!) to college with one block of stock.. .....

    .....either that or the kid goes to Devry institute of technology...:D
  7. You might want to start the kid's IRA the day the baby is born. Regular contributions to that IRA invested in an ETF can really add up.
  8. volente_00


    It's T Day ! free $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  9. Markets racing to go green

    selling this week wwasn't justified

    no important news or anything

    always buy the dips

    so obvious
  10. nice call this morning bro $$$

    I love no risk dip buying $$
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