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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Zulu, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. Zulu


    Well , I felt really bad when I saw my MENTORING FROM MAIN STREET post closed since that was my first thread in this forum and I was just looking to get FEEDBACK about a service , No to Promote the service.

    Probably some people around felt uncomfortable with the comments posted. However I'm offended because of this action.
    I've seen a lot of information, comments, opinions, evaluations, criticisms about services, goods and persons through the posts of this forum. So is everything advertisement in this web site ??, Better to stay away and look somewhere else for honest feedback.

    Thx to everyone that posted.

    Good Business to everybody.

  2. nkhoi


    don't worry you will get over it.
  3. Zulu,

    I am not a moderator, just a humble user like you. I have grown to appreciate ET this last year or so.

    Sometimes new posters with little history come here to spam. Perhaps your post was misinterpreted, being that you have 7 posts.

    I am sure there was no offense intended, and looking forward to your contributions on this site, if you will reconsider sharing your insights with us traders.

    Michael B.

    P.S. Try to understand that sponsers pay for the right to advertise here and can complain to ET if they let to much spam go. There is a fine line to follow and try to understand how hard of a job it must be.

  4. Ebo,

    Its just easier to click on quote for reference in the future. This is an archive, not a chat room. I find it confusing and time consuming to parse posts. What is the problem just scrole through?

    Michael B.

  5. I wanted to repeat that so others could not forget it.

    Michael B.

    P.S. I never said you did...(see why its important to archive?)

  6. Brandonf

    Brandonf ET Sponsor

    Im not a moderator either but I'm a bit pissed off. I'm going to post a good run on post here, I suspect it will be my last on Elite Trader.

    I have been posting here for about 3 years, much longer than most. In that time I think that I have contributed more that traders can use than most (some have done more). Was I doing it because I'm a great person, no, I got a few members into my chatroom. However, I NEVER ADVERTISTED OR SPAMMED ELITE TRADER UNTIL I WAS PAYING BARON TO DO SO. THE DAY I STOPPED PAYING, I STOPPED ADVERTISING. In fact, I've barely posted at all since I stopped advertising here because I respect Baron and I dont feel like he deserves to be fucked over.

    However, I think there is a blanant lack of respect by many of the posters here on ET towards everyone but themselves, many don't even respect themselves. ET goes through phases like everything else I guess, but it seems that for a long time its been unfortunatly stuck in a bad phase.

    I have no intent to defend mainstreet right now or myself. I think mainstreet's successes speak for themselves. I'm also not very much involved with it anymore as I have been in the process of starting a hedge fund and I want to focus my attention on that. The last time I tried trading OPM I bombed out, I failed at it. One of the reasons was too many distractions. Mainstreet, ET, etc, etc. I have been doing it now since the 3rd qtr of last year and its going well.

    Anyway good trading to everyone. Trade smart.

  7. Zulu


    I'm the one who started the thread where TFMS was the main topic this time. My only simple objective , was to get feedback about the service . I did it in so a honest manner that I even asked for posters to PM me if they didn't want to make public comments. I was amazed however how hard comments flew over. I was not looking to get personal offenses or qualifications of some kind to any person.

    MY APOLOGIES to the members of ths community and to the members of the TFMS also.


  8. Magna

    Magna Administrator


    Even tho you started the thread with your very first post at ET you obviously sounded sincere, not like you were "fishing", so that wasn't really the problem. Brandon immediately made a few posts, offering to discuss things on the phone, telling all of their refund policy, etc. Then the day after you start the thread a new member mildog registered and made his first post a glowing, gushing endorsement of the mentoring program. Then Toni made a few posts. Then another new member im4chun8 signed up today and made his first post an endorsement of the chatroom (even tho the thread was about the mentoring program, not the chatroom). ET does not permit free promotion, nor free advertising. And, unfortunately, much of what was posted sounds exactly like that, whether or not the parties intended it that way.
  9. Toni


    Hey zulu,

    I just spoke with Baron (owner of ET) and he just reopened your thread. (I did not ask him to btw. I thought it was too far off topic to be of any further use, but I hope it goes better this time and people stick with the topic you posted. I know some of the folks you were targeting who happened to be around today wanted to post afterhours but didn't get a chance. Hopefully you will hear from them at some point. I said to post the good and the bad and to be honest so good luck!

    roper: they closed thread toni, i was going to post but to late
    bbcc: yes they said you are advertising, if that's the case you need a new marketing firm
    uhart: just tried to post at elite trader but thr thread is closed????!!!

    In all fairness, the guy who runs this site is a good guy but it's a larger forum and not everyone knows each other so you easily see people jumping to conclusions. Brandon for instance has posted here for 3 years and is rather brash and outspoken, while I only have a handful of posts period, but since we work together people assume we are similar. Of the people who posted on your other thread the only ones I knew who it was other than Brandon were mildog and im4chun8.. and yes, they posted because I said in the room that people were asking and knew most who took that specific class would never see it.

    04/28/04 Toni I don't know how many of you people follow Elite Trader..
    04/28/04 Toni but anyway.. it was brought to my attention that someone opened up a thread on wanting to learn more about my mentoring I do
    04/28/04 Toni so for those of you who have taken and wish to post your impressions
    04/28/04 Toni good or bad
    04/28/04 Toni here's your opportunity

  10. Zulu,

    I think you sort of became an innocent victim here. Baron has had a big problem with people who register, then their first post is "I heard that guy Slickdick at is doing really well in the E-mini's. Anyone have any experience with him or his site? It looks really cool." Obviously, it's spam and people resent it.

    Sometimes an innocent new member gets hit by the backlash. Trust me, it's nothing personal.
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