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    I'm curious what other people think about "investing in yourself"

    How much of your disposable income (%) do you invest in the following?
    For this purpose, disposable means whats left after BASIC (not luxury) housing, food, medicine, transportation, etc. Consider anything over $5000 USD / mo total for the above to be luxury.

    __Conventional Investments (retirement fund, etc)
    __Legal Fund
    __Efficiency / money savers
    __Eduction / skills development
    __Luxury, the good life.

    I've learned of a few "secret" things coming that make it so there is a reasonable chance that humanity will be extinct within the next 50 years. I think the actual number is eight, but I only know about three. All very plausible, plus another 3-4 that I'm guessing are in that eight.

    The military(s) and some of the crime syndicates have their own secret "continuity" / "disaster recovery" programs that you and I are not invited to. Honestly, you wouldn't want to participate anyway. I'd rather hang than go into some secret underground military base controlled by some psycho-general.

    Is anyone investing in group-bunkers. Survival and "thriving" are much more likely if you have 150 to 2000 people. Avoiding people with severe personality problems is important.

    Is anyone investing in a private space exploration / colony program? I know for sure this one is important. If you can only do one you need to do this one. There is a lot of "suppressed" technology out there. Most of it is suppressed for good reason. A lot of it is bad. Really really bad. In fact there is one anti-gravity technology that "works" but has effectively destroyed our planet - we just don't know it yet.
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    So the ol' elevator doesn't make it all the way to the top floor anymore, eh? :wtf::confused::rolleyes:

    "Bing!" That sound you heard was everyone losing respect for you.

    "Clang!" That sound right there? That's the sound of people fighting over positions to get between you and (what's left of) your wallet, cuz paranoia PAYS baby.

    Good luck.
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  3. bookish


    You should educate yourself. There is plenty of very plausible stuff that you can find on the internet with almost no effort. Anyone that loses respect for me over that, never had mine.

    I'll reach down to you and mentor you a little.
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    Man...I have not heard/read this level "ready the bunker" talk since Y2K. Get a grip man...if shit hits the fan as quickly and as severe as you suggest, stocking up on food storage and guns/ammunition might buy you some time but that is about it. It's summer time, take a vacation...relax...enjoy yourself. Life is is too short for this doom and gloom nonsense.
  5. bookish


    Exactly, that is the point of that small portion of my post. A lot of people think dog+shotgun+truckload-of-groceries = got-it-covered.

    If you are alone, you are unprepared.

    It looks like everyone so far is alone and unprepared.

    Your bury-you-head-in-the-sand-and-forget-it attitude is inadequate.

    Mocking someone who is clearly more responsible than you is embarrassing for you.

    Wait, are you a bot? :)
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    So, you have trading idea which will return some 100% or so - otherwise we have enough "philosophical teachers" here on ET!
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    Did he even read my post? Se habla enlgles?
  8. Variss


    I dont understand what are you afraid of so you need to prepare yourself? I am not saying that sh..t cant happen, but I cannot spend my life preparing for something that might happen but there is high probability that this will eventually not happen. Can you help me to understand your point of view?
  9. vincentnyc


    Just like in trading. I’ll take a trade when I know there is a high probability of going my way vs low probability. High probability wins any day of the weeks for me.
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    I am certainly not buying a used silo and building 100 years worth of resources, nor claymore mines and 50 cal weapons automated. But have you saved 6-24 months of emergency monies/gold in case say the exchanges are closed or internet turned off by government or new laws that is you get too sick your health insurance isn't worth buying. Why even buy health insurance if you are someone who is always well? I think we all in small little ways take care of the "what if's". And some of us who understand USA government is not our friends, plan other escape routes, can you imagine if millions of Mexicans pushed through the border all at one time, not enough personnel nor weapons to hold the border, planes would come and they don't know friends or foe. And any government of so much wealth would have plans already in place. Not only do we have to concern ourselves of outside terrorists, have to concern ourselves from terrorists that are home grown. But am not buying 35 years of MRE's, they are fine going camping if the fish not biting, but more than a week, to me taste like crap.
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