Very active night for futures: TOS quotes down

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by trefoil, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Pathetic.
    I swear these guys seem unable to handle market stress.
  2. hitnrun


    if your trading futures better off going with a futures broker for platform stability

    tos seems to have dropped the ball
  3. Yeah well some of us are spooked by the MF disaster, and not really willing to go to someone less well capitalized at this point.
    Anyhoo, TF and DX seem to be coming through. Nothing on anything else.
  4. Execution is still working, just quote feed that died...

    Shit like this happens with every broker.. nearly every professional trader I know (at my firm and personally) have a 2nd source for quotes for this very reason.
  5. gmst


    switch to IB.
  6. hitnrun


    you act like your risking millions in your account . geez

    trade with a small account & you shoud be fine with any broker
    take advantage of the leverage futures offer

    firms sometime just blowup . just the way it goes

    don't worry the market will take your money first
  7. If you are spooked by the "MF disaster" you are at the wrong place.

    TD Ameritrade TOS doesn't clear futures, they are cleared by Penson. Not where I would want my futures account.
  8. hitnrun


    shit happens. who would have thought lehman bros & bear stern would be history
    you never know so you limit your risk in any account as best as possible nothing to lose sleep over
    the market is your enemy & if your a trader you have to be able to handle taking a risk
  9. Now that's a very good point.
  10. +1. seriously that is the solution to this mf nonsense. i rec ib so much that when my gf broke up w/ me (ok she's imaginary b/c this is the internet) she said "you can't give me what i need" and i said "switch to ib".
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