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    • MT4
    • Tradency Auto Trading
    • Open a standard account with 1K
    • EUR/USD spread 2.4 PIPS
    • Funding with PayPal & Wires
    • They accept Clients form the USA, according to my phone conversation

    They have a toll free phone (877) phone, which is convienient for USA clients...
    556 Main Street, Charlestown, Nevis
  2. 2.4 pips on eur/usd? come on, might as well scalp M6E afterhours with that spread and pay commission, j/k :D (IMO anything +2 pips is a no-go, especially if you work shorter timeframes).

    Secondly, on their homepage the image for their iPhone app is Thinkorswim's mobile platform, wtf?
  3. Haha, good catch.
  4. vertifx


    With all the respect to Elite Trader forum, we would like to reply to some of the posts that came to our attention. Regarding the location of the company the main office is located in 556 Main Street, Charlestown, Nevis.
    Vertifx is not an IB or a White Label of another broker, Vertifx is independent brokerage offering individual traders, money managers and institutional clients with state-of-the-art trading platform, financial market analyses, expert advisor development and educational materials to trade spot foreign currency markets online. The company is fully licensed in Nevis to transact and provide online Forex trading services worldwide. Currently, our license with FSA(UK) is in pending status, and hopefully by the next quarter our company will be FSA regulated as well.
    There was a very inappropriate and despicable post regarding one of our contributors Dr. Kevin Kachaturian calling him as an owner of Vertifx and running a scam shop. Dr. Kachaturian is not an owner of Vertifx, he is one of our companies’ contributors, he has exhibited vast array of knowledge on many different topics in economics, banking and financial instruments, currency market reviews etc. It is a true honor for Vertifx to have such contributor in our team and no one without proper knowledge should disgrace his name.

    Gary Taylor,
  5. Hey Gary... Kevin's name is spelled, "Kachaturyan" and you're running a bucket shop.

    If I may ask... where do you hedge your exposure? Where do you clear?

    One last question... why are you violating trademarks/copyrights by posting images of thinkorswim's mobile platform on your (sic) website?

    You're running a scam.

  6. I've sent Tom Sosnoff an email along with pics of this "vertifx" shop; specifically the pics of TOS' mobile trading app being represented as vertifx's mobile platform.

    How fun.
  7. SCAM:D
  8. I spoke with Tom Sosnoff and he will be pursuing this infringement against TOS by "vertifx".
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    I have account with them . they are realy good broker.
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