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  1. Anyone trading Debit or Credit Spreads out there? I think they're great. Have lots of trades going at the moment, Bullish & Bearish, from 1 week to 7 months in duration, with Possible Net Gains of 11% to 177%.
  2. .....go on.....

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    everything is great when your winning, wait until you take ur first loss and ull stop trading options. lol
  4. Love to trade the box, one of my favorite strategies.
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    I didn't think anybody but MM could make money on boxes. Am I wrong?
  6. Why would you think that? Market makers try to keep their delta neutral and adjust their gamma.
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    A box is delta neutral. It's a pure arbitrage play.
  8. Haven't tried Box Spreads yet. Got killed on a SPY Iron Condor this week though. The big gap-up move on Wednesday went right through the Bear Call Credit Spread on Top, and SPY never fell back down. Ahhhhhh! My own fault of course. Shouldn't be trying to play a tight range (to make a few extra $) while things are so volatile.
  9. slippage + commision is the buggest juice in option, far better than other things like theta, IV and etc.
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    You are right of course. Perhaps the OP got his terms confused.

    Unless of course he is trading boxes in the OEX, which have a huge profit loss potential (or boxes in hard to borrow stocks).
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