Vertabral fusing to stop back pain?

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    Does the Hyaluronic Acid smooth out the complexion ?
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  2. Cripes, reading the warning bits, maybe not for me. Maybe not for anyone, from the sound of it-they might as well say "This product will probably kill you. But it's FDA approved, and it might help. How bad could it be?":D

    Oh, and to Eight- walking and swimming are definitely the best bets for back pain; it's curious, most back injuries are lower back problems, but there seems to be few ideas on upper back injuries.

    Had a full set of x-rays done many many moons ago-was told I had the body of a professional athlete. Who wouldn't like to hear a doc say that, huh?
    Unfortunately, what they meant, was after retirement, when everything is rooted, basically.
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    I wouldn't let it bother you. That's a pretty standard disclaimer that can be found on most OTC herbal supplements. I'm on Triazole (herbal anti-E) and Stoked (horny goat weed and trans-resveratrol), and both products have a similar warning label. No biggie.
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    Here is a doctor's experience with the fish oil/krill oil/curcumin (that is turmeric) combo:

    Basicly he is advising to take that combo instead of NSAIDs, like Advil. I will quote one of the responders:

    "Dear Dr. Eades,

    Had to come back here and let you know how well this fish oil/krill oil/curcumin regimen is working for my husband, who has osteoarthritis and suffers nasty flareups.
    He's been trying this for about a month or so, and has said the magic words, "It seems to be working."
    That is, in itself, a miracle. He's tried just about every supplement on the market in an effort to reduce the arthritis flare ups and deal with the pain. He was also prescribed Naproxen 500mg twice daily.
    We've been married for two and a half years, and this is the *first* time I've ever heard him say, "It seems to be working" about any supplement he's tried. Normally it's, "No, I don't notice much difference, I guess it doesn't work" in regard to the various supplements tried (everything from borage oil to something called ASU).
    Within about two weeks of adding krill and curcumin (he was already taking fish oil), my husband was able to start skipping doses of the naproxen. It was only about a week ago that I noticed he was limping around a bit, and in quite a bit of pain...
    Turns out he ran out of his curcumin and krill oil, and had been having to take more of the Naproxen again. While he has been prescribed a regimen of naproxen 500mg twice daily, he prefers to only take it unless he really needs too (because of the known negative side effects).
    To make a long story short, I made sure we got some more krill and curcumin, and today my husband doesn't need any naproxen.
    The krill oil isn't all that expensive (compared to things like OsteoBi-Flex), and the curcumin is darned cheap.
    Anyway - thank you so much for sharing this information about the krill and curcumin. It really does work.

    For anyone else trying it - it'll take a couple of weeks before you start noticing a major improvement, at which point you might be able to "ditch" your NSAIDS. And it'll take about a week if you happen to run out of krill/curcumin to start noticing that the joints are hurting again."
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    Some 8 years ago I was attending a seminar for a local orthopedic surgeon. He is world renowned for minimally invasive knee, hip, and shoulder replacements.

    Anyway, he was touting a new titanium appliance intended to replace standard disk fusing practices. Worked similar to the way a bridge does on your molars. Titanium plating fused to vertebrae above and below the problem disk. Disk is removed, but rather than fusing the two vertebra, the appliance contained a pivot point allowing full mobility at the location of the removed disk.

    Wonder what happened to it?!
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