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  1. "And here we are. Eye of the storm, explosives primed, waiting to pull the detonator.

    Any reason the US could not do this, and that everything these incredibly smart, ruthless, immeasurably connected people have been doing is actually not stupid but smart? And what if they believe what they're doing is all for the good of the country and are willing to take any measure, any action no matter how awful or unprincipled, because it will put America back on top again? And if they get richer than Croseus in the process, well, who's fault is it anyway? It's hard work after all."

  2. I lived in Argentina then. If you had dollars, it was fucking awesome except people with pesos got gradually more depressing to party with.

    Things are not so rosy there even now. More violent, inflation massively under reported, wages stagnant. This could be due to new problems, but their couple of good years werent a sure fire slingshot back to economic superstardom.
  3. It's a thought-provoking concept for sure. Kinda falls in line with the idea that nothing happens by accident, good or bad. There is always a higher power/authority that is in control. You'd have to be quite the thinker to come up with an idea like intentionally breaking a country as a test case though, geez.
  4. Agree that intentionally breaking a country is a little out there.

    On the other hand, it seems to be that we are intentionally taking the US down.

    "I will go on record here and now and say that I don't believe for a minute that the strategy of the banks and government will work, because I don't believe it can work. There are too many NODs, too many jobs lost, too much debt and too much excess capacity in the economy. The pushers at The Fed and Government will keep supplying heroin until the victim (that's the economy for you and I) has a heart attack, and that event will come later this year or sometime in 2010, probably sooner rather than later."

    Geithner asks Congress to Increase Federal Debt Limit.

    Can you Smell that? Something is Fishy!