Vernal Equinox and market turns

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    Interesting stuff by Stickan and Darnelds on TT

  2. This is from Mr. Miner of dynamic Traders. He's a great market teacher/educator...but he hasn't been so great with his market calls. It appears from this chart, that he is now bearish and looking for a major fall?
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    Since 2000 year, those vernal equinox have indicated all major significant turning points (multi week change in trend)

    This chart has captured my attention, so I posted it
  4. thanks for the nice chart ... have you done any studies on other markets ?

    I remember reading about the delta theory
    that welles W was selling yrs ago ( he did not write it )

    the author of the original manuscript became more interested
    in the meaning of life over the meaning of the markets ... hmmm

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    Just observing the chart.....nothing more
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    Perfect Timing Market Turns!

    very good stuff

    If the top of this leg is in, we should make a significant bottom in May

  7. nice call bro$$$
  8. How "accurate" was this before 2000? Is it riding a random streak of good luck?
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    Thanks and if I am reding that chart right ????;
    it seems to be saying March is a high % month for tops?????

    SPY with all data from 1993 is showing March not a very toppy month at all.

    Has any tested Dow on that , much more data on that, may look into that:cool:
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    Interesting, seems as if NasdaQQQ makes many of its highs in first quarter-[ending this March ]
    Thats with all data and ;
    QQQQ has been having trouble staying above its 50 dma this year

    Out of the 4 highest closing days in SPY,/ES this month the 17th of March marked on that chart is one of them.
    Probably another reason why some dont like TA, could still make $ with that.:cool:
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