Verizon’s Strikers Striking To Save Cadillac Health Plans From ObamaCare

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  1. Unintended consequences takes down another one. LOL!

    Verizon’s Strikers Striking To Save Cadillac Health Plans From ObamaCare Realities
    Posted by LaborUnionReport
    Friday, August 19th at 10:30AM EDT

    As of Thursday morning, there have been 202 incidents of sabotage since 45,000 Communications Workers of American (CWA) and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) members went out on strike to preserve their Cadillac health plans.

    Of course, that was Thursday morning and, since the strike has been going on for about 10 days, the number of incidents caused by union unknown vandals will have likely increased, which makes the number cited in this Verizon-prepared video already outdated:

    Now, granted, the unions would want the public to believe that they are vandalizing fighting Verizon to preserve the middle class. The reality is, however, the unions are fighting a fight they themselves created and are now having to defend the very “Cadillac health plans” that were so controversial during the ObamaCare debate.

    In fact, if it weren’t so pathetic that the unions are misleading both the public and their members on the root cause of the strike, one might actually find some cynical humor in the fact that the CWA & IBEW strike against Verizon is a strike of the unions’ (and Democrats’) own making—especially since unions are the ones that pushed so hard for ObamaCare to begin with and, as a result, wound up costing their employers even more than they were already paying for those Cadillac plans.

    Since Verizon is already spending $4 billion per year covering 800,000 employees, retirees and their families, one might think the unions would have told their members that they may eventually have to give up the Cadillac in exchange for a Chevy. However, the unions didn’t—even though Verizon did more than a year ago.

    In fact, as the National Review noted last year, Verizon was forewarning its employees in 2010 that the passage of ObamaCare would increase the company’s costs and possibly reduce benefits:

    So, it appears that 45,000 strikers are striking over a monstrosity their own union bosses helped create. This makes it even more ironic when a union striker complains about the company’s notification that, while he’s on strike, he’s going to have to pick up the whole tab if he wants to continue his benefit coverage.
    Sorry to break it to you Ms. Sullivan, but you now know what the rest of the middle class has known for years. While the vast majority of us in America have been paying a portion of our health care premiums for years, the Verizon strikers have paid nothing toward their premiums—despite the ever-increasing costs and despite the fact that their unions just got ObamaCare passed which will increase costs on all Americans.
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    Blue Cross is on the order of $300.00 US per person per month.

    The fact that the strike goes on with little effect tells us that landlines are becoming a thing of the past. I still have a land line but don't even connect a phone to it, just my DSL modem and a fax machine. Still, I rely more and more on my smartphone and one of my cars is a satellite/WiFi hotspot so I could get rid of my landline right now and not miss a day jabbing at the leftists in P&R.

    Pension and benefit reform is going to affect everyone that has a "cadillac" plan for healthcare or retirement. I see it as the free-markets correcting some gross inefficiencies.
  3. Damn those working class folk expecting a living wage and a decent heath care package. The nerve of some people. Next thing you know the "geniuses" that run these companies will expect a bonus for running them into the ground. Who knows what could come next? We might even see financial exec's get free money and big bonuses for destroying the whole fucking economy. Yep, it's those god damn working people that have us in the mess we're in. No doubt about it!
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    Not to even mention extremely valuable and indispensable employees like you may get laid off.
  5. As usual, a clueless idiot completely changes the point of the thread and tries to blame (take your pick)- rich people, whitey, upper management, global warming, or George Bush.

    It's fucking OBAMACARE and the UNIONS who got the "working class folk" into this mess.

    No one else is to blame!!!
  6. Unions are free to argue for what they think they deserve but everything has consequences and I think union leaders are not doing a good job at being balanced and ulitimately doing whats in the long term best interest of the union and its members.

    They are just digging their own grave with demands that are way out of balance with the average american worker salary and benefits hence the substantial union decline over the past few decades.
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    I agree. I have nothing against labor organizing. It's their "we deserve more than we're worth the company's future be damned" tactics that I despise.
  8. And republicans support the decline of the average american worker salary and benefits.Republicans want workers to work 60-80 hours a week for as little pay and benefits as possible . Republicans want people losing everything they worked for because of medical bills etc
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  10. .................want people to become educated, married, fruitful , successful, rich, patriotic, soulful, spiritual and unique.
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