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  1. I am currently an employee for Verizon (excluding wireless service) I just want to hear from anyone that has their service, what they have to say about the customer service department and/or overall service experience?

    I'm just curious because it seems like EVERYONE I talk to in my dept. (billing) is pissed off for some reason.. Do you think it's the customer service or just the services.. I'm sure both, but I just drop me a line and tell me about your experience... curious:confused: :confused:
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    All I can comment on is the Verizon 3G wireless service. I am having a difficult time trying to decide how to describe the service because I do not know if "Piss poor" is hyphenated or not.....

    I am in the "3G service area" with excellent signal readings but the service is unreliable. At times I get the speed they claim I should see and at others it is slower than dial up. This is not "tower loading" as it slows down just as much at 2am as it does at 4pm.

    It also has disconnect issues. The network is not reliable.
  3. Do you have Fios or HSI?