Verizon Broadband

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by vikana, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. I'm considering getting Verizon Broadband, since I travel from time to time.

    Does anyone have experience with the service: reliability, latency and "true" download and upload speed.

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    No first hand experience but a friend of mine has it and says the speed is similar to dial-up.
  3. Verizon broadband includes DSL and FIOS but I guess you are talking about their wireless product, eh?
  4. Yes, silly me.

    Verizon Wireless broadband

  5. Fios kicks some serious butt, 20-40 megs.
  6. Luv it. Had it for almost a year now. Trade on it and the whole nine. Admittedly, my movements are in Broadband zones. However, even in remote areas, when I have cell service, I have internet service but usually at modem speeds.

    Thumbs up IMO!
  7. i've had it for a couple years. if you travel at all it's great. the speed depends on where you are, whether you are in a broadband area, which they are expanding, or not. when not in a broadband, it's twice as fast as dial up, which is not good.

    in a broadband area now, just ran a couple tests using the following link, and 661kb download and 111k upload is pretty representative.

    there are some deadspots. for example when i take the train from DC to NY, it's a little spotty at times. AT&T has a similar/card and service, that's cheaper, but the coverage isn't as good. not sure about their speeds either.
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    I've had it for a few years as well. Speed is solid in broadband areas and a hair better than dialup in the outer regions

    One interesting issue as I note you are a moderator. Many people using the VZ cards come across ET with similar IP addresses, which leads senior people here to think that some folks may have multiple IDs. I offered to mod some forums a while back and ran into that.
  9. Thank you all for the feedback and details. I've decided to give it a try. I'm mostly in the bay area (San Jose & SF.) which is supposed to be good.