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  1. Love of one is a barbarianism; for it is exercised at the expense of all others. The love of God, too.

    Here is how I trade for profit: take what you want, leave the rest behind.

    I only trade in the last 100 minutes of the trading day.

    I ride the trend of trending Naz stocks.

    I take one position, 1000 shares.

    I base my entry on the NAZ futures/composite to get a feel.

    I use basic chart formations (pennants, flags, triangles) as my entry.

    I ride at least 45 minutes, or until my stop has been hit.

    My stop is always 10-20 cents. I NEVER BREAK 20 CENTS, however, stops are based on intraday resistance.

    I shoot for a point, but I shall ride the trend until the end (trailing stop of twenty cents.)

    I have no problem re-entering positions I have closed for a loss.

    I only look at highly volatile stocks:

    last week: QLGC, GNSS, EBAY, MXIM.

    Always look at intraday support and resistance.

    Oh yes, and volume to confirm breakout/downs.

    "I have done that," says my memory, "I cannot have done that," says my pride, and remains inexorable. Eventually-memory yields." - FN

    [I do not need animated faces to express myself]