Verisimilitude Fund

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  1. Probably because they are placing real trades with real money :eek:
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  2. humble1


    The posts are timely though.

    I suspect the 100% hit rate will not hold up if the system is static.
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  3. Pekelo


    Well, care to write me a check for 10 million? So we could put it to the test with REAL (I mean really real) money. Remember, this was all just a dream, when it came to me how to outperform the market. It is all just a strange imagination of my warped mind. :)

    As about all winners so far, I never said I wouldn't have losing trades. I said I would outperform the market...I have already done it, I could stop the exercise now or just take a long position and ride it until January...

    But I am having fun, so I will keep it running for a while...
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  4. humble1


    Whether you are paper trading or not makes not difference. Putting your trades out here real time affects your emotions almost as good as using real money.

    I hope you keep doing well and your win rate always stays high.
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  5. I don't believe that. Why do you think everyone is so good at paper trading, but so many people fail??? I'm not trying to knock the guy, it looks that he has a sound system. My only point is that when you have thousands of real dollars on the line, the game changes. That's all.
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  6. Pekelo


    Going short at 1285
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  7. Pekelo


    By the way, let me explain again the purpose of the journal, just in case somebody missed the very first post.

    I had this idea how to outperform the market in the simplest way possible. I think the idea was/is great, it had 2 flows and I dealt with them.

    Now at this point someone could have said: OK, it sounds good on paper, but can it be done? Well, thus this journal was born. Now I apologize to everyone for not having a few millions on my account so I could have used real money, but again, the point here was that just with a few well timed trades it is possible to make 40 or so ES points for the whole year and you only have to be long for the rest of the year, and you already outperformed the market.

    And if you do the math, with the original plan if you were right going short, you only need to make 20 ES points (because it counts double, compared to the market) for the whole year, and you are good.

    Now how hard it is to make 20 ES points by being short in 12 months??

    Probably I should have written a book about it and got paid for it instead of giving it away free here. My bad, I am sorry.... :)
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  8. Pekelo


    Covering short at 1283 a 2 points gain...
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  9. Pekelo


    Going short from 1285.50
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    Covering at 1283.5 a 2 points gain
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