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  1. I am new to the Elite daytrading forums and have been reading the threads at Elite Trader which is an excellent service. I am particularly interested in just working for myself as an independent trader. In my quest for identifying the best routes to explore and add to my strategies, I would like to see some verifiable evidence such as simple back to back monthly statements as evidence this method, approach, trading tool, etc. actually works. Is this possible...
  2. Are you serious?

    No...this is not possible.

    Read the strategies here very carefully that are freely posted by many traders here...

    practice trading them with a realtime simulator and you'll have your verifiable evidence.

    If you can't do that don't deserve to have access to any traders monthly statements.

    Get off your butt and backtest them yourself...then follow it up with realtime simulator trades...

    if it still looks viable via your goals...

    trade it with a small size via your trade methodology.

    Make some fine tune fix ups...then trade with your normal size.

    It's as simple as that.

    Remember truly know if something works or need to be trading via that traders trade methodology instead of just via the strategies that trader is using.

    My point is this...two traders with different trade methodologies using the same trade setups (chart patterns) will have different results...

    in wouldn't be unusual to see one of those traders a profitable trader while the other trader is a loser trader.

    Why? The trader (trade methodology) is the difference...not the trade setup or any chart pattern.

    Reason why I continue saying at this something (trade setup or pattern) via your own trade methodology to determine accurately if something will work or not for you.

    Spend more time reading the freely shared strategies at this'll have more than enough stuff to look over for the next decade.

    If your short on time...ask which of the freely shared strategies at this forum would ET members recommend you begin backtesting first.

    In fact...start with the following forum threads on things to start testing:

    Techncial Analysis

    Strategy Trading

    Index Futures

    If you don't understand something or need more in-depth info...private message the trader or email the trader for more clarification on some specific aspects of the trade setup (strategy).

    What's want access to traders social security numbes, credit card records to verify whom we say we are...we really are?

    Show your monthly statements to prove that you actually need help in finding a viable strategy :cool:



    One suggestion ... rather than want to verify other peoples methods and success via financial statements why wouldn't you want to find what approaches you feel most comfortable trading. For example, if you're not into technicals then a TA based approach wouldn't seem to have much merit for you. Or if you're not into scalping for pennies and trading a lot every day then such an approach wouldn't seem to be helpful to you. I'd bet that for many of the different approaches there are people here on ET than ARE successful trading those ways. But in the end if you try to trade an approach you're not comfortable with the end results may be less than optimal.
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    Please post a verifiable statement of your account balances so members here can determine if you are worth the time.

    Isn't that similar to what you are asking?

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    This is not an unreasonable request if you are paying someone for mentoring or paying someone for a system or signing on with a firm that makes earnings claims.
  6. Thank you for your excellent responses as this is my first post. What makes me think this way right or wrong is somewhat similar to the way one thinks when picking a money want to see some example of real mutual funds post their performance every day...some hedge fund managers provide audited records...albeit that it does not imply future is a check to see if there is or has been real performance...

    I have read the performance records of some day'swing trading groups...and I have heard a lot of stories as to why I should join the club because we are so good..have the best tools etc...

    You know its very similar to when you listen to the larger brokerage firms recommendations by the top ranked analysts but when you ask the similar question about how much has the analyst made at using his own recommendations...there is a rather long pause...and see ya later...this fish won´t bite...

    What I´m saying is that even at looking at the pro firms...I don´t need to pry into anybody´s business...but lets see some sample runs...month by names...of course no two people think alike...but lets see some real runs...

    Or perhaps this is something that isn´t possible...but I think it is highly unusual for a firm to who try to sell the fact that they are good but have no means of showing whether or not their methods have or haven´t worked for their clients...

    Its quite clear to me that there are a lot of people who want to sell picks and shovels but not too many want to dig the ditches...
  7. The only thing thats clear here is you are clueless if you think people will waste their time with your request
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    If you pay for a mentor - then you should ask for proof of performance in statements.
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