VERI nice short today

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  1. glad you were able to join me
  2. down more! my crumbs better than your best trades
  3. ^^ Can someone please verify if this guy is for real? He needs to be in a psych ward. And forgive me for being so hard on him, but every time im looking for a new thread it's this dunce posting this crap.
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  4. Xela


    Strictly between you and me, SOES doesn't even stand for Small Order Execution System, as you might very reasonably have imagined: it was just a typo for "shoes" (or so I've been led to believe).
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  5. KONE major bagholdery
  6. Overnight


    I don't think that is it. If that were true than it would be "SoesWereBetter", and I do not take him/her to be that bad at grammar.

    The mystery continues!
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    Soes, you're so amazing. Please spare us 30 seconds to tell us whether you were born this great or did you become this great? You're doing a wonderful job and we all tremendously appreciate you.
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  8. Do you average a 40% return every business trading day? or even just averaging 10%...or even just 5% o_O

    ...I'll be gentle and you even average 2% every business trading day?
    I'll be really friendly, do you average 1% every business trading day,

    If not, you ain't no Extraterrestrial Trader, ET
    The 1% have to be able to generate, on average, atleast 1%, entire account-wise, every business trading day.

    Amateur hour is reddit and stocktwits and collective2 traders.
    High-Five`...Pekelo, and vanzandt and Sweet and Sour Bobby, and Karen the SuperTrader

    I can't wait till HTC Vive Pro comes out. so i could play games in VR, and surf the web in VR, and look at porn in VR and trade in VR
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    Before I started trading, I worked in an office of lawyers, economists, accountants, and engineers. During the late '90s, discussion of the financial markets was rampant. (Much of it was 'work-oriented', to be fair, but a lot was more for fun.)

    At one point, a contest was started, to settle who had the best handle on All Things Wall Street. Conditions were $100k fund, $20/trade, prices from WSJ prints of prior day's close.

    I KICKED ASS. How?? Well, I put a nice little portfolio together -- well proportioned in sectors and sizes -- a thing of beauty. And promptly lost $10k-$15k. That was not fun. Two guys took the "Throw A Dart At The WSJ" route, and bought a stock just before it split -- that put them so far ahead that for the entire remainder of the 'game,' the rest of us were fighting for second.

    I got second. How?? After my ridiculous, Bus.School-correct beginning (and drubbing), I kept noticing that the WSJ blurb of "Top 10 Best Performers" and "Top 10 Worst Performers" kept swapping names -- that the best performers for Tuesday were equities that I'd seen in the Worst Performers list for Monday. "Ah-HA!"

    So, I shopped the Top 10 Worst Performers list every day, did 5-10 minutes of research on each, looking for those who were likely to Dead Cat Bounce, bought 'em, and sold 'em within 48 hours. Some 0.00%s, some -10%s, but vast majority were +25%-+50%. Kicked ass.

    I've not looked at any of Soes' trades, but I wonder if his are not unlike what I did on paper:
    "Detritus Fund" (after The Dreyfus Fund)
    "Neptune's Own" (After Newman's Own)
    "Scatophagus Fund" (cuz, hey, there's always a meal around)
    There were some others.
    But this is where I put Soes' trade posts. I haven't looked into the feasibility for years. Not so much a *cash* thing as a *time* thing. It was great fun, though. I wonder if it still occurs. Maybe call it Mortuus Cattus? Dunno.
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  10. I'm not amazing at all. It's the rest of you that suck

    ps, that MGTI short is killing it
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