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  1. sorry i am completely ignorant in venture financing. i am wondering if i have a business plan that i would like to try but i dont have any money. how is it possible for me to get a minority stake in the business while not investing any cash.

    i have two potential investors that can fund 100%, but whats the logic for me to own 20% without putting in a dime? should my planning/management time be valued monetarily and converted to the 20%?

    how is it usually done?
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  3. If the plan is not in the millions by net margin after tax, presenting the idea without financials is useless.

    You'll be far ahead of many proposals using businessplanpro software from palo alto.

    When the numbers added up, realizing the growth rate of employees alone made it look unstoppable, but, of course, the point was to be realistic about your projections, and not just to dream about revenues.
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  6. i am asking a question and was expecting an answer not trash talks