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  1. I have a suggestion for a new forum: "Venting Room" . This can be a forum where we can vent our trading related frustrations after a bad day or boast after an exceptional day. This can be like the Journal Forum where people have their own journals with technical details. In this forum, instead of the technicals details, people can write about their feeling , emotions etc... For instance, none of my friends trade so they don't understand what I'm talking about. Anyway, I thought this might be interesting for the members and possibly have decent traffic.

  2. Sorry to hear that you're losing :(
  3. same here...that's one of the reasons i'm here all the time. i know there are people here that can relate.
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    Your area of expertise ?
  5. Oh yeah... I'm probably the best loser in here. I lose so well that I'm profitable.

    Trading is the in a way an art of losing. I try to become a winner while becoming a good loser.
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    ..............in the journals sections called "Venting Journal" that will be open to all who wish to "vent" about the markets. Probably much easier than trying to start a whole forum that may not have enough substance to be sustained. Anyway, hopefully things turnaround, and no one needs to vent about this stuff, but until hell freezes over:eek: this may be the best way to go.

  7. Vega, Good suggestion! This is the way I see it: Let's say my intraday swing system has 50% winning trades with avg win / avg loss ~1.5 . Of my winners, half of them leaves a good chunk of profits on the table. So basically, there's some kind of frustration about 75 % of the time. I think even great traders will get frustrated once in a while...

  8. Yes, I'm losing my mind :)
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    Makes perfect sense.........
  10. Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser.
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