Venom 2.0 - $5.00 Stock and Option Trades

Discussion in 'Events' started by Chadd Hessing, May 14, 2012.

  1. Venom by Cobra Trading is offering $5.00 Stock and Option Trades on its fully customizable platform.

    Venom Trading has updated its Venom platform with the below features and unlike traditional "online" brokers, Venom offers a fully customizable layout with news, quotes, advanced charting, research, tickers and order entry all on a single screen.

    Venom has no monthly minimums or software charges.

    As an ET Sponsor, I would greatly appreciate you visiting and emailing me with any questions you may have.

    Some of our new features:

    • Ability to add 3 order entry windows
    • Standalone option order-entry window
    • Optimized ability to drag and drop symbols throughout platform
    • Link groups added
    • Charting adjustments and refinements
    • Price increments adjusted to $0.01 in order entry box
    • Improved performance of News Headline selection
    • Improved performance of Top List selection
    • Option symbol entry made easier in order entry box

    There is a $0.75 per contract charge for options and there is an additional charge of $0.005 per share for stocks priced under $1.00.

    If you are a high volume trader and would prefer to use a direct access platform at our main site, tell me what it takes for your business. I am confident we can meet or beat our competitors pricing.

    I can be reached at Thank you for all of your support.