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  1. There's nothing you can do about it, this is caused by degration of the IE browser in immediate image rendering. Another suggestion would be to download the Opera browser. Very good stuff.
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  2. ozzy


    Hi All:

    Today I had problems getting any rythm. I was not able to adapt. I ended up overtrading, making 27 (108 contracts) trades, costing $580.80 in commissions. Here are today's observations.

    ** Overall discipline was good. No rules were broken.
    ** Numerous outside distractions in the morning resulted in loses. (Hopefully these events will no longer happen when I move in the near future).
    ** I believe I was a little impatient today and took far too many low quality trades.
    ** Lowest win % since journal inception at 48.15%
    ** Ninja Simulator charges $4.80 per rountrip I was unable to change this to $3.3 (IB commisions).

    Net Profit = -$798.40
    Account Balance = $8593.0


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  3. ozzy


    Today's Positions:
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  4. I think you are wasting your time trying to discretionally daytrade futures... the results speak for themselves...

    What makes you think that after doing this for say 6 months or a year.. that you will become profitable enough to make a living. The market will always change as volatility shifts..
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  5. ozzy



    You mentioned this once before. It's been six days since I started this journal. How about giving someone a little breathing room.

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  6. Whats wrong with discretionary trading?

    I think it works fine, although I do suggest Ozzy to

    1) Either Go completely Scalping, looking for 1-2-3 tick profits

    or 2) Broaden profit targets , because commissions are evil and can't be made up when profit targets are only 5 ticks.

    Keep up the simulation! You can do it :D
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  7. I am just being straight up honest with you. I am not gonna chearlead and tell you that there is some learning curve or bullshit that you need to master or overcome...

    If you were my friend.. I would just tell you to back off daytrading futures.. and get a real edge, because you are clearly wasting your time.

    Sometimes people need a reality check.
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  8. LOL

    Are you seriously trying to say that no one makes money from Daytrading the futures markets ?
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  9. landboy


    I think he's trying to say there's a big difference daytrading with an edge and daytrading based on just a feeling, which (not my words) is equal to flipping a coin
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  10. I think you guys have ozzy all wrong!

    If I'm not mistaken by the looks of his charts he seems to be using a 1 min and 5 min with a few technical indicators for confirmation.

    So I think he is trying to work an edge with his methods.

    I trade several edges, Pullbacks, Retests and breakouts but they always look different everytime!

    So I'm not sure what you guys are trying to get at?

    ozzy are you doing something similar as me?
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