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Discussion in 'Journals' started by ozzy, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. TGM


    last time I pulled up option trader it damn near froze my machine up. That was a while back tho ---when they first added all that new stuff.

    You bought those options for the grand total of 45 bucks and then doubled your money. That is not bad. I was surprised to see how liquid those options are. I was even more surprised to see how cheap the commissions were with IB. LOL ---
    #181     Oct 23, 2005
  2. ozzy


    IB options @ $1.00 /contract is pretty good for me. But I hear ppl who do size getting much better rates (0.65 cents/contract). I want those commissions dammit.

    P.S I like trading ITM options as we get close to expiry, almost no time premium.
    #182     Oct 23, 2005
  3. TGM


    I may hit you with some questions on the IWM options.
    #183     Oct 23, 2005
  4. ozzy



    Nice Move on HSI tonight.
    #184     Oct 23, 2005
  5. TGM


    I just pulled up optiontrader and it no longer freezes up my machine! :)

    Ok on the IWM options what are the expry for Nov? What about Dec?

    I know I could look them up ---but I am lazy.
    #185     Oct 24, 2005
  6. ozzy


    IWM is currently trading at 63.11 so I would be looking at PUTS/CALLS between 61.5-64.5. Not sure if this answers your question?

    I'm thinking of buying some SNDK puts as well when the time is right.
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    #186     Oct 24, 2005
  7. TGM


    I was asking about the expiration. What are looking at NoV or Dec? When do the Novs go off the board? When do the Dec options expire?\
    #187     Oct 24, 2005
  8. ozzy



    Same expiry as equity options. So Nov 18 and Dec 16.
    #188     Oct 24, 2005
  9. TGM


    thanks bro and dont worry about answering me right away ---make some money.

    I am long Er2--off that pullback at 638 ---

    I am ging to dump them in a few minutes.

    Commodity options expire the month before ---so decembers stock options do not expire until dec and nov sitll has a few weeks---good to know!
    #189     Oct 24, 2005
  10. ozzy


    Thread temporarily closed. (Trading Live)

    Happy Trading.

    #190     Oct 26, 2005