Venezuela cut 5 zeros from currency. Followed by Venezuela exodus?

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  1. Venezuela cut 5 zeros from its currency ? Then 16 days later ? Latin America nations hold crisis summit amid Venezuela exodus ?
    On Monday 20th August 2018 Venezuela cut 5 zeros from its currency called the Bolivar ? ...
    On Tuesday 4th September 2018. Latin America nations hold crisis summit in QUITO Ecuadora amid Venezuela exodus ? Venezuelans may be teeming into neighboring countries, fleeing a collapsing economy ??
    Representatives from Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic and Ecuador have gathered in Quito for two days ? After which they will conclude a joint statement on Tuesday ? .....
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  3. Venezuela cut 5 zeros from its currency.And?
  4. And the Cubs finally won a World Series too in case you are catching up in other areas of news.
  5. Word just got to Caracas. Cubbie fans down there are heading to Windy City to part eeeee.
  6. Those who have power are NOT unwilling to let go. It's theirs and they are willing to take the country with them. Hitler's general already knew as early as 1942 that they won't make it. Many German generals died trying to stop him. Zimbabwe turned out OK.
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    wonder how those people can survive with such super high hyperinflation.

    90% of Venezuela gdp from oil ?!?!?
    oil price has dropped from high since 2014. so past 4 years, what did V govt do?
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    OK? more like a failed state.
  9. It's better than Mugabe.
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    it is not exactly a high barrier to overcome. it is still still not a prosperous and law biding country like your country.
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