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Discussion in 'Trading' started by toby400, Dec 20, 2001.

  1. toby400


    As a UK reader of this site I foolishly thought I would be learning matters of trading from those who do so for a living.

    However, after reading some threads it is clear that there are a lot of vendors crawling over the site and plugging their services in the hope of netting those too lazy to make the effort to learn the art of trading by study, practice and noting the posts of those who actually trade for a living.

    I can understand someone like Tony Oz having his own thread since I have read his books and can trade his methods of stock selection, plus he has proved he can make money (the competition challenge he took up)

    Are vendors asked to put up live trades to be checked by experienced members of this board?

    Better still, put them in a Vendors thread so that I can dip into them if I wish but do not have to crawl over them in other threads when seeking out traders who rely on trading for a living.

    It's timewasting to find the "trader" you are reading about also has a "tip" site.

    I persevere because I sometimes come across a "real" trader.


  2. I don't read this board to learn about trading, I read it for the entertainment value. It really is better than any soap opera on tv.