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  1. So I called Velocity to inquire about opening up an account. The recording said that they answer calls based on open positions. That system is ridiculous. They should answer phone based on first come first served. Whoever called first should be the next in line to get their call answered, not whoever has the most open positions. I don't think company is very fair based on their telephone answering system. I think I'll take my business someplace else. Oh by the way, I was on the phone holding for over 15 minutes and nobody picked up. So It looks like while I was waiting, other callers with more open positions kept knocking my call to the bottom of the priority list. Not a good way to answer phones. Bye.
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    email them and they will call you as they are always trolling for new customers. As to why they would not take the call of a "prospective client" like you who would ask more than a few stupid questions during business hours is not unreasonable but good business, something you should appreciate if you were to become one of their customers.

    Some of you people are just idiots.
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    First of all... a customer with an open position typically takes less than 90 seconds of phone time since usually they're just calling in to close out positions and/or cancel orders because they've lost network connectivity. A prospective customer on the other hand, probably takes about 20 minutes of phone time getting all their questions answered and trying to make a "sales pitch" to them.

    Second of all.... if I were a customer at Velocity and I were calling in (especially in a panic or a huff) because I had open positions and couldn't connect to the order server.... they had better damn well be answering my call before they start answering calls of prospective customers.

    So the bottom line is.... I'm glad to hear that is Velocity's policy... if anything, it should make you more inclined to open up an account with them not less inclined.
  5. Since you put it that way. Sounds like a good idea then. I never thought of it that way. Thanks.
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  7. You know, I called them on the phone today. And the girl(broker) that answered was very nice. She answered all my questions and was very professional. They also have competive futures margins and commissions. I recommend Velocity.
  8. They should have a different # for customers to get to the trading desk.
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    Never had any issues with getting in touch with the staff.
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