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  1. I am considering VelocityFutures and wondered if anyone here has had recent experience with them and can or can not recommend them. The ratings on them on a couple of years old. Are they looking for new clients or have all they need? They did not seem real excited about getting a new client, in my opinion. Thanks for any input.
  2. They had some issues with Ninja Trader which seem to be resolved a couple of months back. They are rock solid on anything TT branded, X Trader and TT Pro.

    I just referred someone to them today with no hesitations whatsoever. I think I was probably the last review you read on them.

    They aren't some high pressure smoozing BS broker, so that's why they probably came off as laid back. Anthony is a good guy and he doesn't bs like so many brokers do.


    I have been with them over a year now.

  3. ok, thanks - yes, you were right about their attitude, kind of cool. I was interested in using NinjaTrader as that is what I am using now and like it. Hope there is no problem in switching brokers, as in unloading and reloading NT. Thanks again.
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    Been w/ VF nearly 3 yrs. X-Trader is rock-solid. No hype and no BS either as Dan said.
  5. great! thanks! Any NinjaTrader users have experience with Velocity?
  6. In fact rarely they reply to my emails I sent to Dale or Anthony... :(
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    Yes, the one thing that could use some improvement is their replying to emails, I often had to send a couple of emails before I get a reply
  8. h'mmmm, that is the exact reason I am thinking about switching from my current broker: doesn't respond to emails or return phone calls. Guess these futures brokers have all the business they can handle. Not good situation for traders. Thanks for the replies.
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    Very satisfied with Velocity. I use X-Trader. I nEver e-mail them, but when I call there is always someone to talk, even at 2am.
  10. Thank you RedDuke, that sounds better.
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