velocity vs efloortrade vs ecnbroker???

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by melee, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. melee


    ive been looking around on the internets trying to a decent brokerage.
    after a few good solid hours of searching i have narrowed down my choices to these three.
    any one have anything good or bad about these three companies (velocity futures, eFloor trade, and ECNbroker)?
    also, being a low income/net worth individual i am concerned about being accepted, but i have 3 back up brokerages (sonic futures, insignia futures, and apex futures).
    any other brokerage recommendations for some one in my position would be helpful too.

    thank you very much.
  2. opm8


    Never heard of eFloor trade as a google search produces a single useless hit.

    Velocity is for high-volume traders and ECNbroker seems very expensive.

    Check out openecry and globalfutures. They both have decent commissions for smaller accounts (ie, less than $5 roundtrip for futures. I don't know about stocks since I don't trade them). Also, many people have accounts with Interactive Brokers, check them out, too.

  3. I have an accnt at Velocity and TransAct. I like both. TransAct now has almost the functionality of Ninja Trader which I currently use.
  4. Do you already have an account with apex futures? Why are you shopping for a new broker?

    I am wondering how apex futures is.