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  1. So i've been trying to decide between a few brokers lately...

    VelocityFutures seems to be extremely reliable.... although rate is a little bit higher

    MBTrading... decent rate, not sure about how reliable it is... decent platform. I used to have a stock account with MBTrading and they had many disconnections... but not sure about now.... perhaps someone could share their experience?

    openEcry.... EXCELLENT platform... horrible reliability i hear.... yes i know they supposedly fixed the problem they had back in march... but a friend just told me that he has had 2 disconnections in the past 2 weeks... both for 15-30 minutes
    I love OEC's platform though.

    any tips are welcomed
  2. I have always had excellent dealings with Velocity notch firm imo.

    Just my .02....I would stay away from MB.
  3. On a side note.....I would really like to open an additional account for my laptop use when out of town through OEC......seems like their platform is clean and low on resources. I just worry about their FEED and the ability to get a hold of the order desk when their servers go down. I want order desk pick up on the first call when I am in positions that need flattening (if they are having tech problems).....I have that with the FCM's I currently trade with.
  4. yeah that's one thing that's holding me back right now from signing with OEC.... i LOOOOVE their platform... but their stability is horrible and my friend just told me that even after they said they fixed the problem... he still had 2 disconnections in the past 2 weeks and that when he tried calling, he wasn't even able to reach them... or that it took a while.

    sigh :( man i love their platform though
  5. This is one of the reasons why NinjaTrader is cleaning up big time....NT with Zenfire feed is exceptional but it is hard to get cheap rates with NT/Zenfire until you do some very large size (which most retail guys don't).

    Velocity has NT with TT feed at decent rates and I like Dorman with the Zenfire feed.
  6. GTS


    MBT recently added monthly fees for futures quotes which can be offset by trades -

    The quote feed still lags/disconnects during "fast market" periods.
  7. so velocity seems to be the most reliable and most professional broker out there right?

    i might go with them... and wait and see if openEcry will prove themselves in the future.
  8. They are one of the better FCM's imo.....they always treated me good and the order desk always answered the phone when needed.
  9. I agree fully either about infrastructure, support and desk; also try to negotiate those published rates...
  10. Were you a customer last year when Velocity placed customer funds with Sentinel? It seems that Velocity was playing fast and loose with customer funds. If you had funds there at the time, I'd be interested in your thoughts.

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