Velocity Futures

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  1. Lorenzo


    Jack Edward Earnest was a manager member (dismissed)

    They have a good reputation
  2. cstfx


    No. It's a good firm with one of the best trading platforms out there. Professionals use it as well. Rates are good and they will help with membership if that is the route you want to take. Don't be taken in by the low intraday margins otherwise you may find yourself overleveraged.

    All firms at one point or another do something to get the attention of NFA or other regulatory body; it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the firm (not always):
  3. Those cases are procedural in nature. The most recent is about AML (anti-money laundering) procedures, the earlier involves financial filing.

    These issues deserve minimal weighting as they have nothing to do with clients, existing or potential.

    For a self-clearing firm Velocity is clean, imo.

    Go here and get the FCM financials...

  4. Thank you all for your answers!