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    I have heard good things about this company.

    Has anyone got any advice on them?

    They use TT.

    I am thinking of trading S & P Futures 6-10pm london time?

    I have checked the US Market and it seems to get quite volatile in that period so opportunity seems to be there.

    I would start with a $10000 a/c on a free platform fee basis the r/t's are $3.75 which I think is quite pricey.

    I guess I would look at doing 5 / 6 trades per session so will have to make 2 ticks to cover costs......does this sound reasonable to the more experienced guys????????

    I am really looking to grow my a/c so what sort of financial risk should I be taking daily???? what size would I be best advised trading intially?

    I really appreciate your help.......
  2. Hi Robert:

    I used to trade with them. They were very professional. Their execution was excellent. There were couple of times when my computer froze (due to my wireless card buffer overflowing during very active market phase) and all had to do was call them and asked them to close the trade for me; they did not charge me for it, and got great execution too!

    There was a time when their back office had made a mistake in their daily position updates; when I brought it to their attention, they resolved it within 15 minutes (thanks Anthony!).

    The only reason I stopped trading with them was because they didnt offer electronic option trading. That was important for me in my strategy.

    I would highly recommend them if you are looking to trade futures.

    I am in no way connected to Velocity Futures, except that I was once their very satisfied customer.

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    Thanks very much,

    Not too many people have a bad word to say about this company, I am familiar with TT so they are probably the best option for me.
  4. Please give us some feedback in the review area after you've done business with them.
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    of course...will do