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    Does anyone use Velocity Futures? I am thinking of opening an account with them however I can't seem to find any comments on their service.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Everything that I have heard about them is all good from my research recently. I might just be opening an account with them myself for my second account. I will wait until after the Trade Expo and see if I can talk to them and FFastTrade...then I will decide. I think Awash has been to their offices in Houston...might want to ask him also.
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    clearing firm? I didn't see any mention of another firm in the account documents. Yes I can call tommorow, but I'll be beack and forth on the computer so I thought I'd see if anyone could answer tonight.
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    are you opening just a normal account or some type of prop account. i noticed they are listed under pro firms, so i didnt know what all they offered in terms of prop type deals. also, where do they have offices?
  5. We are a FCM that clears our own trades, and we are a 106.H member of the CME. We are currently in process the of becoming a member of Eurex.

    We are located in Houston and are in the process of opening an office in Chicago within the next six months, trying to coinside with the launch of Eurex USA

    PM me with any additional ?'s you may have.
  6. That's awesome...I'm 20 min. from downtown, Chicago :cool:

  7. We are giving elite trader members a month trial on the TT SIM for free. PM me to set it up if you would like.

    Nothing compares to TT's X-Trader live. If you want I can set you up with a month of TT free and a month of deep, deep commission discounts (our 20000-50000 contract per month rates) if you want to try us out. You could save hundreds of dollars in commissions and try X-Trader free, just by giving us a test drive for a month. PM if you are interested.
  8. Sent you a PM.

    Forgot to ask one question, what kind of margin req. do you use for trading ES intraday? Even though I would never use Max. leverage, I would like to have it available. You can include this info in your PM if you'd like.

  9. These are the rates for the month trial offer:

    CME mini contracts 2.82 / rt
    DAX 1.80 euro / rt
    DJ EUROSTOXX 1.65 euro / rt
    Bund/Bobbl/Schatz .90 euro /rt
    Mini Dow 2.65 /rt
    CBOT bond futures 3.25 /rt
  10. I need the rates for after the trial, since that's really what counts.


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