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    Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong section.

    Im about to open an account with Velocity, mainly trading Eurex products and their commissions seem to be the cheapest of all the brokers i have looked at, between Eur1.20 - EUR1.50 a round turn for the Ninja Trader platform. This seems to leave all the other brokers for dust on that front

    Was wondering if any of you know of a broker that is cheaper before I open an account?

    Many thanks
  2. nice choice.
    a close competitor is mirus futures, about 2.1 eur/rt. however with mirus you can use standard edition of ninja trader which is free (with some limitations such as no OCO orders and no strategies)
    if you use velocity you will have to buy/lease ninja trader. that will be 50 usd pm or 1000 usd for lifetime. if you will have more than 100 lots volume per month, then velocity will be cheaper. Another advantage of velocity is that you can clone your acct and put some of your money in that different acct. you can use another platform on the new acct such as strategy runner,cqg trader, x_trader free, QST lite. Ninja trader doesnt support trading exchange traded spreads so if you may want to try spread, velocity is the way to go.
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    Thanks for the reply, appreciate the opinion.

    I will be doing over 100 RT's a month so on that comparison I guess velocity is the better.

    I've been made aware of also which seem to have great rates, but their website is awful. I really dont think I could leave money with a company that looks that unprofessional.
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    DDT is an IB for Crossland. Dirt cheap and solid.

    I assume you have checked out Advantage?