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    What do you think about Velocity Futs??? (

    Very low commissions...... but there is a monthly software fee.

    Your comments pls :) :)


  2. ABSOLUTELY NO WAY will i let some unknown FCM HANDLE MY MONEY. do not need to save a few bucks on commission and worry about $40-50 k disappear . do not know anything about velocity futures but this industry is full of dirtbags.
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    Well, I guess if you want low rates and the least expensive TT you can find, multiple internet connections, access to all 4 futures exchanges, great multi-currency statements, 24 hr helpdesk, active trader experience, and ... it must be unbelievable that such a firm exists.

    Yes, it does, and I am not a dirtbag...I have been in the active trader market for 8+ years...this FCM is well funded and your money is safe.

    It is simple, I am a trader and I know that traders want the lowest rates possible, so we do everything we can to keep the rates low, and the stability high. We built it for active traders because it is where I would want to trade if I was a customer.

    I understand your fears, and I would be happy to talk with you about our background and stability as an FCM.

    Please call me anytime,